The next step is to figure out what you want to study in college, and in which college. At Upstart, we encourage high school graduates to begin looking at college and course/ major options both locally and globally. Globally, we recommend looking at leading colleges like the Ivy Leagues who have rich liberal arts programs. Please, take a look at our list of colleges under “What we do” and research a bit on them and their programs. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to set up an appointment for advising. 

The Global Ivy League Education Program is Upstart’s in-house pre-college prep program that focuses on placing high achieving students in some of the world’s most competitive colleges, including the Ivy Leagues. This program involves applicants developing critical thinking toolkit, as well as undergoing the test prep and college application program.

The first step is to sign up under our “Home” page in this website so we get your basic information. We will then reach out after the initial assessment to interview you for fit for the Program.

Yes, all program components of the Program are charged a fee. Please contact us for more information.

The ideal candidate is one who is totally sold to succeeding not just in the standardized tests (SAT, TOEFL) and college admissions process, but in developing their intellect beyond tests and admissions. We seek candidates who are highly initiative in the learning process, and go the extra mile to explore their intellect beyond coaching classes. Such candidates always come to coaches and instructors with questions and do not relent until they succeed in their goals. In our experience, we have seen that students who are self-driven and seek extra support from our coaches always win.

It takes a lot of grit and zero assumptions. We require that applicants admitted into the program come in with a clear goal of what success means to them, and keep working and refining on that goal. Each applicant will be required to uphold to high standards in time keeping and class participation. The successful applicant has been shown to be highly self-initiative, thus each applicant will be provided with a clear roadmap of the program but will be required to drive the journey. The successful applicant will go a step further in completing their test prep and college application much earlier, and challenge themselves with additional tasks. For instance, while an average candidate will only do a single essay required by a college, an exceptional candidate will try out two or three different essays and enquire from the coaches about which of the essays really tells their story.

The Program is one of the only few run by actual Ivy League graduates in Africa and globally. This means that candidates undergoing the program will get a true feel of the quality and rigour of education awaiting them in the corridors of Ivy Leagues. Through this Program, we will adequately prepare applicants for standardized tests and college applications, but crucially for critical thinking. We will combine our years of studying at Ivy Leagues with years of professional work experience to give applicants unparalleled critical thinking toolkit, and a competitive edge not found anywhere else. As a bonus, we lead our alumni to the numerous internship, full-time employment, and funding opportunities we are connected to.

The Program takes about one and half month for each cohort.

We admit a maximum of 15 candidates.

The main components of the Program include College Selection and Matching, Standardized Test Prep, College Application Support, and the Transition Program. Check our “What we do” page for more information.

The next step is to wait for admissions results from colleges. This usually lasts between January 1, and mid-March of each admissions year. We encourage applicants to learn some useful skills in this intervening period. Applicants can take short courses offered on MOOCs like Coursera, Udemy, Edex, and Lynda, as well as join skills enhancement programs like Moringa for coding. We offer free consultation for what things applicants can do to develop themselves.

We focus on the Ivy Leagues because of their unmatched quality and rigor in academia. We also advice all our applicants to take a shot at the Ivy Leagues given the immense resources these schools have, including cutting-edge research and academic resources, top-notch faculty, conducive learning environments, rich liberal arts programs, and the most advanced financial aid program of any college system in the world. An average Ivy League college offers upward of US$60,000 per academic year to fully support a student’s education.

Most competitive schools like Harvard require SAT Reasoning Test, at least two SAT Subject Tests, and TOEFL to complete the requirement for standardized tests. Most schools also accept the ACT, but we suggest focusing on the SATs.

A 1450+ in SAT Reasoning Test is a strong score for admissions potential across most competitive colleges. Similarly, a score of 105 and above in TOEFL, and a 750+ in each of the SAT Subject Test is competitive enough.

Typically, colleges look for a combination of leadership experience, outstanding extracurricular participation, excellent academic performance, and involvement in community service. In a lot of cases, colleges also consider exceptional student and/ or family background that may have shaped the student’s journey. Be sure to share any special circumstances that have influenced your growth. 

We are among the few global programs that not only prepare applicants for successful admissions into colleges of their dreams but also shape critical thought and nurture young leadership. We support candidates in the process of nurturing critical thinking, enhancing their communication prowess via TEDx-like sessions, developing advanced writing skills, and building their leadership and entrepreneurship abilities.